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RAINFOR impact on climate change policy debate

  • December, 2009

On behalf of its 10,000 conservation professionals the Society for Conservation Biology wrote last week to Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark and host of the World Climate Summit in Copenhagen, about the dangers of climate change for tropical forests. RAINFOR research findings of how the Amazon forest responded to the drought of 2005 were cited.

The Society also produced “Eleven Conservation Principles For Decision-makers“, which recognise the large carbon sink that tropical forests currently offer and the risk that this could swiftly reverse given the sensitivity of forests to climate that RAINFOR discovered in Amazonia. 

A new international report updates the Physical Science basis of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (“The Copenhagen Diagnosis: updating the world on the latest climate science”, downloadable at, presenting the latest key policy-relevant climate change science literature for a target global readership of policymakers and the wider public. RAINFOR research is discussed at length as the key evidence of the sensitivity of tropical forests to climate change.