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Application Success

  • March, 2012

Esteban Alvarez and Alvaro Cogollo have been successful in their application to the Colombian National Science Foundation (COLCIENCIAS) for a large grant to support intensive carbon cycle measurements between 2012 at 2014. These will be at four contrasting RAINFOR sites in Colombian forests (Amazon moist forest, Choco wet forest, coastal dry forest, and Andean cloud forest). 

Tropical forest dynamics: growth and carbon fixation rates in a complex environmental gradient in Colombia.

This new support from the Colombian science foundation is an important fruit of the RAINFORMoore Foundation’s support for recensuses across Colombian forests in 2010. Jardin Botanico de Medellin is leading the new project, with contributions also from Universidad Nacional (Medellín), Instituto Humboldt (Bogota), RAINFOR-Leeds, Universidad Tecnologica del Choco and Universidad del Tolima. The project will have the support of various conservation organizations as: Ecoparque Los Besotes, Reserva Sanguare, Reserva El Amargal, Reserva El Ceibal, Reserva Rio Manso, Reserva Montevivo and Reserva San Sebastian.

BesotesDry Forest in the Ecoparque Los Besotes (Valledupar, Caribe Coast, Colombia)  JAUM-RAINFOR Team in the Amargal Reserve Plot (Wet Fors, Choco, Colombia) Recensus 2010