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Research Agreement with IBIF and UAB, Bolivia

  • September, 2010

Investigators of the RAINFOR project funded by the Moore Foundation have completed the signing of research agreements with two different collaborators in Bolivia, the Instituto Boliviano de Investigacion Forestal (IBIF, Bolivian Forestry Research Organization) and the Universidad Autonoma de Beni (UAB).

The Instituto Boliviano de Investigacion Forestal (IBIF) is a non-governmental Bolivian Forestry Research Organization based in Santa Cruz, and has as principal objective to generate forest management tools, based on research results and disseminate results through formal and informal capacity building. So far, IBIF maintains and manages an impressive network of ca. 895 permanent sample plots located in different forest types within Bolivia.

Within the recently signed agreement with IBIF, researchers of IBIF and RAINFOR will jointly remeasure 27 hectares of non-disturbed plots in the forestry concession of La Chonta in central Bolivia, and 7 hectares in the concession of MABET in the northern part of Bolivia. The plots in La Chonta are part of IBIF’s long-term silvicultural research program, and were installed in 2000 and remeasured regularly. The plots located in the forestry concession MABET in the north of Bolivia in the province of Pando were installed in 1999 and 2003, and also remeasured several times since then. Field work in these sites will commence in October 2010.

The agreement with the Universidad Autonoma de Beni (UAB) in Riberalta, Bolivia means that RAINFOR will collaborate with the University of Beni to monitor and maintain 4 Permanent Sample Plots within the Reserve of El Tigre in the north of Bolivia. This reserve is owned and maintained by the UAB, and permanent plots within this reserve date back to 1995, and have been measured at annual to 3-annual intervals since their installation. In august 2009, a RAINFOR team led by Roel Brienen from the University of Leeds and our local collaborator, Vincent Vos, remeasured the plots, and all species ID’s were checked and improved by Abel Monteagudo. These plots are the only plots in the north of Bolivia included in the RAINFOR network, so far. The agreement with UAB runs until,at least, 2012.