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Drought Recensus

  • 2006
  • Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Brasil, Guyana, French Guyana
Drought Recensus

In a co-ordinated effort to assess the impact of the 2005 Amazon drought, we recensused 60 Rainfor plots at numerous sites across the basin. Teams led by many different RAINFOR scientists visited permanent plots, including in normally aseasonal areas which were unusually droughted in 2005 (Zafire, Lorena, Agua Pudre in Colombia) and mainly seasonal areas which suffered months with little or no rain (such as Dois Irmaos and Porongaba in Acre, western Brasil, Cusco Amazonico and Tambopata in south Peru, and Paracou in French Guiana). An effort was also made to remeasure plots in areas that weren't strongly droughted, to provide suitable controls, such as San Carlos de Rio Negro in Venezuela, Allpahuayo and Sucusari in north Peru, and Caxiuana in Para, eastern Brasil).