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Intensive Plots

  • May - June 2008
  • Brazil, Bolivia, Peru
Intensive Plots

Thanks to major new funding from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, a number of RAINFOR and RAINFOR-associated sites were transformed into “Intensive Process” plots. Monthly measurements of all major carbon stocks and fluxes at these locations will now provide an unparalleled level of detail on carbon cycling and allocation over time across the Amazon. With all the training from the Los Amigos and Oxford workshops fresh in their minds, a newly recruited team of “Moore Fellow” successfully installed and refurbished plots across South America. Over November in Brazil, Mauricio da Costa assisted by Prof. Lola da Costa (UFPA, Brazil) and Dan Metcalfe (Oxford, UK) installed the experiments in the two plots of the Caxiuana drought experiment (Cax-03 & Cax-04) as well as nearby clay (Cax-06) and Terra Preta (Cax-08) plots. Much farther south, in the dry southern extremity of the Amazon, Dan Metcalfe then joined Wanderley Rocha da Silva (IPAM, Brazil) to install everything at the large-scale forest burning experiment (Tan-03 burnt once every 3 years) and a nearby un-disturbed control (Tan-01), run by U.S (WHRC) and Brazilian collaborators.

Meanwhile, our man in the western Amazon- Javier Espejo (UNSAAC, Peru)- ably coordinated a burst of activity across the western Amazon. Alejandro Murakami (MHNNKM, Bolivia) led an epic 4-week camping expedition to establish, together with Javier Espejo and Walter Huasco (UNSAAC, Peru), two completely new plots at Kenia, Bolivia. Dan Metcalfe (Oxford, UK) dropped by for a few days to drop off equipment, take some photos and test his jungle hammock! In Peru, a small army led by RAINFOR veterans Javier Espejo, Walter Huasco and Liliana Baca (UNSAAC, Peru) braved landslides and constant drenching fog to install everything at four almost-vertical cloud forest plots along a precipitous altitudinal gradient (3400 – 800m) in collaboration with researchers at Wake Forest University, USA. Finally, Dan Metcalfe joined the ever present Javier Espejo and Walter Huasco, together with Filio Farfan (UNSAAC, Peru) in Tambopata to install a new weather station and incorporate intensive measurements into two of the existing plots there (Tam-06 & Tam-04).

Extracting roots at Bolivia intensive sites (photo: Dan Metcalfe) prepared rhizotrons and litter traps, intensive sites Bolivia (photo: Dan Metcalfe)