Amazon Forest Inventory Network

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  • June - August 2009

On the 24th of June a team of 13 people led by Roel Brienen (University of Leeds), Abel Monteagudo (Jardín Botánico de Missouri, Perú) and Alejandro Murakami (Museo de Historia Natural de Parque Noel Kempff, Bolivia) set off on their adventurous trip to the Parque Noel Kempff Mercado to recensus 10 permanent sample plots.  After three days of travelling over dusty roads, the team arrived at the abandoned tourist station “Los Fierros”, where two permanent sample plots of tierra firme forest were remeasured. The team then proceeded to the Huanchaca plateau, a large pre-cambrian rock formation in the park consisting of savannas and small forest islands. The 500 meter climb up to the plateau with food, camping gear and equipment was a real test of endurance, but with rewarding views over the forest below.  Work on the plateau included remeasurements of four plots within two different forest islands, including new locations for RAINFOR. After a short rest in a local community the team moved on to plots at Las Londras (2) and Cerro Pelao (2), and finally back to Santa Cruz.

From there Roel, Abel and Alejandro travelled to Riberalta (northern Bolivia) to remeasure a 4-ha plot of the Universidad Autonoma de Beni, which was installed in 1994 and will become part of the RAINFOR-network. Meanwhile, Alexander Germaine (Museo de Historia Natural de Parque Noel Kempff, Bolivia) led a small team to recensus plots in the department of Cochabamba.