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BRAZIL: Pará, Caxiuaña

  • May - June 2009
BRAZIL: Pará, Caxiuaña

A fieldtrip to Caxiuanã’s National Forest was led by Samuel Soares de Almeida, an ecologist at the Goeldi Museum, Brazil, with the participation of biologist Antonio Sérgio Lima da Silva and 6 other people, This trip was carried out to remeasure 6 plots of 1 hectare each. Access to Caxiuanã has to be gained by motor boat. The journey from Belém to Caxiuanã is 22 hours. The Caxiuanã forest type is tropical, humid and always green, with high biomass and diversity. The oldest plots were established in 2001 (Caxiuanã 1 and 2) and the others from 2003 (2 Esecaflor and 2 Parama). In the census, data about new diameters, mortality and recruitment of new plants was recorded. Maintenance activities were also carried out, such as: replacement of labels, marking of tree-trunks with paint and replacement of some pickets. The fieldtrip also included the participation of soil ecologist, Beto Quesada, who carried out intensive soil analysis, in 2m deep profiles, within the plots, following the protocol already used elsewhere, to estimate the amount of carbon in the soil. The campaign was successful with the remediation and recording of mortality and recruitment of about 3.000 plants. Botanical samples were collected for identification at the Herbarium in the Goeldi Museum.

 Painting the POM