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Peru: Loreto, Iquitos

  • May - June 2009
Peru: Loreto, Iquitos

During a 7 week trip, Roel Brienen (Leeds, UK) and Abel Monteagudo (Jardín Botánico de Missouri, Perú) led a team of six Peruvian and one Puerto Rican student to remeasure plots in north eastern Peru. First, the reserve of Allphuayo-Mishana was visited and 5 RAINFOR plots were remeasured. Then, the team moved to Yanamono and Sucusari to recensus 6 plots, each on different substrates, including one of the oldest plots in the region (since 1983). The last site that was visited is Jenaro Herrera, ca 130 km south of Iquitos. Here, Beto Quesada and Eric joined the team to complete soil sampling of the 3 plots in this site that were only recently added to the RAINFOR dbase. During the fieldwork 2 new plots were sampled. All data will be publicly available soon on the Forest Plots database.

 Sucusari, Iquitos, Peru 2009