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PERU: Oxapampa, Pasco

  • May - June 2009
PERU: Oxapampa, Pasco

During a 7 week trip, Abel Monteagudo (Jardín Botánico de Missouri, Peru - RAINFOR) led a team of six Peruvians to remeasure 7 plots in the central jungle of Peru, through an altitudinal gradient. Firstly, they travelled from Oxapampa-Pasco (at 1800 masl) to visit the lowlands in Yanachaga Chemillen National Park, in the vicinity of the Paujil Biological Station. It was necessary to set up a camp for accessibility and the 5 RAINFOR plots with altitudes of between 400 and 900 masl were remeasured. The team then returned to Oxapampa with some problems along the way due to road blockages and occupation of the roads by the local indigenous people, for a brief rest and to prepare for the next remeasurement of the Yanachaga plot, located at 3200 masl, the highest in the central jungle of Peru. Similarly, a camp was set up in the vicinity of the plot, and after another break, they prepared for the last field trip to remeasure the Oso-Playa plot at 2400 masl and the farthest away, located to the north of the National Park. Once they had set up camp they had to walk for almost two hours through a very rugged trail to reach this plot and it took another two hours to return back to camp. After several days of alternating field work with collection of the flora of the study area, they were able to complete the remeasurement. At the same time as remeasuring the 5 plots in the lower jungle, the very hard work of digging a soil sampling pit in each plot was carried out, and this sampling work was led by Erick Oblitas (INPA, Brazil - RAINFOR). Following the field work during October and November, the botanical specimens collected from the recruits were identified and deposited at the Herbarium (HOXA). The data will soon be publicly available in the Forest Plots database.

Erick at work in the soil sampling pit Working at Camp Oso Playa