Amazon Forest Inventory Network

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  • February - April 2010

Roel Brienen and Abel Monteagudo led a two month field trip to the interior of Guyana to remeasure a total of 12 permanent sample plots in Mabura Hill, Pibiri and Iwokrama. The diverse team consisting of Dutch, Surinamese, Peruvian, Brazilian and Guyanese participants started their work at Mabura Hill and Pibiri, where they remeasured plots that were originally installed by Tropenbos-Guyana back in 1993, and are now managed by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC). After a week, Eric Mendoza and Samuel Almeida Jr. arrived from Brazil and joined the team to do the first (standard) RAINFOR soil sampling for these plots. As the plots are located on the old Guyana shield, their soils are among the poorest in the Amazon basin, and they have very low growth rates and are of low dynamism. They are a valuable addition to the RAINFOR network and will constitute a nice contrast with plots in the western Amazon on much richer soils.  After one month, the team moved to the Iwokrama forest reserve 80 km south of Mabura. This unique forest area is managed by Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development (IIC) and combines sustainable forestry, tourism and conservation. The team successfully relocated two permanent sample plots installed in 1999 and incorporated a further four plots, which are part of the Iwokrama forestry experiment. In these plots, the team complemented existing measurements with trees in the smaller size classes from 10-20 cm. During this campaign the team collected botanical samples of more than 700 trees and lianas, which will be deposited at Herbaria in Guyana and Peru (Oxapampa) for further identification.

Measuring leaning trees Soil pit sampling