Amazon Forest Inventory Network

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  • 2010 - 2011
  • Improving biomass estimates

A two year field campaign is being conducted in Madre de Dios, Peru, to improve biomass estimates in different forest types in this area. The team, lead by Rosa Goodman and Tim Baker, works in a logging concession near Iñapari and on RAINFOR plots in the Tambopata National Reserve. The first part of this campaign is to weigh trees in the open, bamboo-dominated forests, which is an important forest type where no other directly-measured biomass data exists. Similarly, they will measure and weigh common palm species. These datasets will be used to create new allometric equations to predict carbon storage in trees and palms in this region. Thirdly, they will conduct inventories in the open, bamboo-forest on the logging concession and secondary forests outside the Tambopata National Reserve to estimate total biomass in these forest types. Finally, these and existing ground-based biomass estimates will be used to calibrate remote sensing data over a 13,875 ha area in Tambopata. As of October 2011, the team has weighed 52 trees and 95 palms in Madre Dios, Peru, as part of a two-year field campaign to improve biomass estimates in this region.