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Peru: Soils

  • May - July 2010
Peru: Soils

In May/July 2010, Beto Quesada and Erick Oblitas led a somewhat “epic” journey to collect soil samples in more than 20 permanent plots across Peru. In early May Erick and his team started the trip in Iquitos doing intensive soil sampling at the Alpahuayo Mishana Reserve. After the completion of the work there, Erick and Roger Campos, a local forestry technician, went to Cusco where Beto Quesada joined the team. The aim of the trip was then to sample soils across an altitudinal transect extending from the Andes to the Amazon. Two large teams were formed with Erick and Beto splitting to cover a larger area. Beto Quesada led a field team for intensive soil sampling with the help from the local biology students Carlos Quispe, Alexandro Cusihuallpa, Antonio Quintano and Carlitos, all from the University San Antonio Abad del Cusco. This team went to the Wayqecha Field station were 800 soil samples were collected at >3000m altitude. (read more about the trip here)

Soils team at Esperanza View at San Pedro