Amazon Forest Inventory Network

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  • June - July 2011
  • Acre

Ted Feldpausch, in collaboration with Marcos Silveira and Jorcely Barrosa and students Giordano Bruno da Silva Oliveira and Daise Moura de Freitas from the Univ Federal de Acre (Cruzeiro do Sul campus) led a field expedition to the Alto Jurua to recensus RAINFOR plots to evaluate the 2010 drought. Ted, Jorcely and UFAC students had previously measured the plots in 2009. Following the recensus in the Alto Jurua, Ted, Marcos, Carlos Quesada, Flavia Costa, Cleber Salimon and Chris Doughty led a RAINFOR-sponsored workshop in Rio Branco. After the workshop, Ted and a group of workshop student participants, including Wendeson Castro, Alejandro Araujo Murakami and Alexander Parada, and parataxonomist  Edilson Consuelo led the recensus of plots in eastern and south-eastern Acre Brasil. This was a first step under the new RAINFOR-Moore ‘urgency’ grant and NERC-funded ‘urgency’ grant to determine how trees respond to drought, especially the 2010 ‘drought of the century,’ the second major Amazonian drought in only five years. These results will be combined with work with other collaborators at focal field sites to evaluate tree response across Amazonia. (Images Ted Feldpausch)