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Yanachaga Chemillen National Park

  • July - August 2015
  • Peru
Vista panorámica de los bosques del Parque Nacional Yanachaga Chemillen.

For 30 days, from the 3rd July to the 3rd August 2015, the RAINFOR research team led by biologist Abel Monteagudo M., joined by Carolina Ramírez Méndez; Yaneth Quispe Mamani; Miguel Pedraza Arando; Yanh Carlos Soto Shareva; Antonio Peña Cruz and Marco Antonio Felipe López., re-measured 5 plots of 1.0 ha and installed a permanent plot of 1.0 ha in the vicinity of the Pampas del Pescado in the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park, at an altitude of 750 m. More than 625 individual trees and palms were measured and collected. This plot is added to the network of plots within the altitudinal gradient of the protected area.



  A: Canopy view - Plot PNY- 14. 

  B: RAINFOR Team 2015.

  C: Crossing the Iscozacín river by boat.

  D: "Sachavaca, the tapir" at Colpa Lobo.

  (Text by: Abel Monteagudo M.)